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Medically reviewed by Sara Osman,RD,PT


Folate or vitamin B9 is a water-soluble vitamin, and it refers to 2 forms, being food folate and folic acid. [1]

Folic acid is the fully oxidised form of the vitamin that is used in fortified foods and supplements, whereas folate is the naturally occurring substance in foods. [1,2]

  • Folic acid bioavailability is higher than folate and estimated to be around 85% as compared to 50% for folate. [5]
  • Also, folic acid supplements taken on an empty stomach are nearly 100 percent bioavailable. [1,2]
  • The total body folate content is estimated to be around 15 to 30 mg. [1,3]
  • Half of the folate stores are stored in the liver and the remainder in blood and body tissues. [1]
  • Folate is excreted in the urine, bile and faeces. [2]

Body Functions

Recommended Daily Intake

how much vitamin b9 folate is recommended daily

Deficiency Symptoms

Folate Food Sources

foods high in vitamin b9 folate vegan

Excessive Intake/ Toxicity Side Effects

In people with vitamin B12 deficiency, excess folate consumption could mask the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency so it can’t be diagnosed. [2]

Groups At Risk of Folate Deficiency

Folate Interaction With Other Nutrients

  • Vitamin B12 Excessive folate intake may mask vitamin B12 deficiency. [1,2]

Nutrient Profiles For Food Groups

Fruits ( i )

Raw or frozen – 9.64 mcg
Dried 4.43 mcg
Canned – 5.70 mcg
Juice – 5.49 mcg

Legumes ( i )

Flour – 238.29 mcg
Raw- 161.19 mcg
Cooked – 115.52 mcg
Canned – 43.85 mcg
Dry – 0 mg

Nuts & Seeds ( i )

Nuts – 53.56 mcg
Seeds – 71.54 mcg

Veggies ( i )

Dried – 75.45 mcg
Raw or frozen – 55.23 mcg
Cooked – 50.53 mcg
Canned – 45.29 mcg

Cereal grains & Flour ( i )

Flour – 24.47 mcg
Raw grains – 38.14 mcg
Cooked – 11.95 mcg

Oils ( i )

Cooking oil – 0 mcg
Other edible oils – 0 mcg


Medically reviewed by Sara Osman,RD,PT

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