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Our Philosophy

Food choices are a personal story and there is no right or wrong when it comes to an individual’s preferences. However, when someone’s choices affects the environment and everyone concerned, directly or indirectly, then it becomes a topic of open debate.

Media and big food brands paint a very rosy picture when it comes to consuming animal products and the nutritional benefits of it. However, the ground reality is quite different and its high time that we get real and talk about it openly before it’s too late.

Knowledge is empowering and our goal is to put the real facts out there, highlight the urgency and criticality of the situation so that everyone can make their own informed decision.

Our Approach

Personal opinions are great, and everyone should have one. However, while working on this project, we have tried to keep them aside and rather based the conversations on scientific facts and figures as they are the only constant and don’t change as per our personal preferences, fortunately.

Also, we are taking the utmost care and precautions in maintaining the authenticity, accuracy and credibility of our content.

Hence, none of the facts and figures are homemade and referenced from scientific journals, peer-reviewed articles and content on reputable organizations. As long as possible, most of our content is reviewed and fact-checked by experts before publishing.

Finally, we all live in a free world where everyone can make their own choices, especially with their food. So, we do expect our readers to be respectful towards others and have a non-judgemental approach.

Our Philosophy

Our Story

The reason for starting this project was because I could not find a source that talks about vegan nutrition and highlights the underlying impact of the meat & dairy industry on the environment, on our health and on society.

Although most of the information is already available on the web, it is scattered around in bits and pieces and that makes it a bit difficult to see the big picture.

Being a massive fan of ‘keeping things simple’, I am only trying to join the dots, simplify facts and make the content more visual.

Jinish Gohil, Founder

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