1. Plays a role in fatty acid synthesis
  2. Plays a role in amino acid metabolism
  3. reduce symptoms of multiple sclerosis
  4. play a role in the replication and transcription of DNA
  5. plays a role in the metabolism of carbohydrates
  6. promote both nail and hair health

Overdose: more than 300 mg/ day

Excess: excreted in the urine

Type: water soluble vitamin


Recommended daily intake= 30 mcg

  1. Sunflower seeds, roasted, ¼ cup
    Contain: 2.6 mcg
  2. Sweet potato, cooked, ½ cup
    Contain: 2.4 mcg
  3. Almonds, roasted, ¼ cup
    Contain: 1.5 mcg
  4. Spinach, boiled, ½ cup
    Contain: 0.5 mcg
  5. Broccoli, fresh, ½ cup
    Contain: 0.4 mcg
  6. Oatmeal, 1 cup
    Contain: 0.2 mcg
  7. Banana, ½ cup
    Contain: 0.2 mcg

Deficiency symptoms

  1. Increase the inflammatory response of dendritic cells
  2. Brittle nail syndrome or uncombable hair
  3. Hyperemesis gravidarum in pregnant women which characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, and weight loss
  4. severe neurological problems and hearing loss in infants
  5. Zinc deficiency and acrodermatitis entero-pathica which is characterized by periorificial dermatitis, alopecia, and diarrhea
  6. Infertility and miscarriage